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After a people powered campaign for Earth Hour 2013

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After a people powered campaign for Earth Hour 2013, Argentina's Senate has unanimously approved the creation of "Banco Namuncurá (Burdwood)", a 3.4 million hectare
Marine Protected Area (MPA) that will more than triple the proportion of the Argentine sea under protection.

The campaign to make Banco Namuncurá (Burdwood) the biggest MPA in the country was a part of Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina's Earth Hour campaign for 2013, which mobilised thousands of participants to help champion the passing of the then pending Senate bill.

Before the law was passed, only 1% of the coastal marine area of Argentina was protected. The creation of this new MPA increases the protection of the country's Exclusive Economic Zone to more than 4%.

 Banco Namuncurá (Burdwood) is an area of high biodiversity, located in a submarine plateau south of the Patagonian Sea, 150 km from Isla de los Estados (Staten Island).

Marine and Coastal Protected Areas are areas that have significant natural and cultural value and are guarded by law. They are tools for conservation and management of ocean biodiversity.

What a fantastic beyond the hour outcome!

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